Wednesday, May 19, 2010

we are now in zambia!!! so we left on may 15th for our 2 day journey. saying my goodbyes was weird, i couldn't grasp the concept of not seeing a lot of people for two years or maybe ever again. i surprised myself with how little i cried. but anyway, i left my friends and family at the security line and flew from jacksonville to chicago, where i met one of my teammates, susan. that night we flew to heathrow, london. just before we got on the plane it hit me, this was it, after i get on this plane, there is no turning back. i think i called like every friend in my phone to tell them goodbye one last time. when we landed we met the rest of the team there, it was such a nice reunion in the airport! after about a 7 hour layover we flew together to zambia. i think there were just so many emotions going through us all as we boarded that plane, so much excitement and nervousness! after the 9 hour flight we were finally here!! i think once we landed it may have taken us an hour to get through customs and get all of our bags. it was just so evident that God was watching over and taking care of us and i know it was because we had so many people praying for us! so we've been here for two, almost three days now and it has definitely been an adjustment for me. i know that just within these last couple of days i have been challenged. so please keep us in your prayers as we are hit with culture shock and missing home! your support and prayers mean so much, thanks!

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