Saturday, July 24, 2010

okay so days like today i could go my whole life without having. at like noon this 12 year old girl was walking home from school and was hit by an suv and killed. it happened at the end of the road which is like less than a quarter mile from our house. the girl was a sister to one of the staff members at the school here. when i heard about it, i just wanted to throw up. i went out to the road and people were just crying... it was awful. i haven't had a panic attack in a long time, but today i got very close to having one. just a whole lot of feeling came up. it was so overwhelming that it was just hard to breath. it's just been an awful day. funerals are very different here than they are in the states. here death and funerals are a loud and dramatic event. people are wailing and throwing themselves on the floor, where as in the states it's a very quiet event. there have been like a million people coming to the school all day. you can hear their cries as they walk up the road. they are having a small funeral tonight and then taking her body the village where her parents live. death is one of the most challenging things on this field... at least for me. i mean we are constantly hearing of someone that goes to the church on the hill dying. within the last 2 months we've been here i think my teammates have been to 4 funerals. i know death is everywhere... but i just feel like it's so much bigger here. it was just a very culture shocked filled day. please pray for my team and the family and friends that knew this girl.

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  1. You have all been in my thoughts since I first heard about this girl's death. You have to lean on God for the comfort that his Holy Spirit will bring and then you need to encourage one another with the comfort he gives. I pray you will find strength as you face these times of loss. Blessings.