Saturday, April 3, 2010

so i haven't written on here in a while, my apologies. we have been so busy these last few weeks. right now we are wrapping up our march madness trip. this madness started back in early march with a week long camp adventure. then on the 19th we left for arlington, stayed there for a few days. then traveled to childress. we got to spend a few days there just helping out in the community. after that we drove to tulsa for the soul winning workshop. i have never heard of the workshop until a few weeks ago. we got to listen to some great teachers, it was pretty neat. after the workshop we went to dewey, ok. for a day. then drove to yukon for a day. we left yukon monday and all of the teams were sent out to different cities for our aim challenge week. for challenge week the teams are told the name, address and contact number of a church and told to find their way there. we stay with the church for a week serving, helping out, basically doing what they need us to do. the zambia team was sent to midland, texas. we'll be here until monday then we are going back to lubbock. i never thought i'd say this, but i am ready to go back! so this week we all bought our plane tickets... i have to say it was pretty exciting. it just makes the whole thing more real, although i'm not sure it will actually hit me that i am moving to zambia until i step off the plane. we've had some trouble with our visa stuff. we sent our papers through the wrong company and now they may be lost. so please pray that we will either find them or get new ones that will make it there in a decent amount of time. also pray for us as we wrap things up in lubbock and go back home to our famlies and friends. if you have ever had to say good bye to any one close to you then you know that this will be very hard for us. know that we appreciate all of your support and love.

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