Tuesday, April 6, 2010

so we have great news.... they found the rest of our visa stuff today! God is so good like that! now they can begin the visa process. please be praying that they accept all of our stuff and we get our visas! well we got back to lubbock yesterday. it was so good to see all of our classmates. i missed them so much and we were only gone for a week! i can't imagine what it's going to be like leaving them for 2 years! we only have a week left together. it's hard to believe that 8 months has already gone by. it feels like just yesterday i was walking into the AIM classroom with my mom for registration. this week is like our goodbye week. today we had a final speech from the director of the whole sibi school, then had a thing called remember when. it was a great time to remember some pretty funny things that have happened over the past 8 months. well thanks for all the prayers about our visa papers!

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